Contraception (Birth Control)

Conception prevention, otherwise called contraception, is intended to avoid pregnancy. Anti-conception medication techniques may work in various diverse ways:

  • Preventing sperm from getting to the eggs. Sorts incorporate condoms, stomachs, cervical tops, and prophylactic wipes.
  • Keeping the lady’s ovaries from discharging eggs that could be prepared. Sorts incorporate conception prevention pills, patches, shots, vaginal rings, and crisis preventative pills.
  • IUDs, gadgets which are embedded into the uterus. They can be kept set up for quite a long while.
  • Sterilization, which for all time keeps a lady from getting pregnant or a man from having the capacity to get a lady pregnant

Your decision of conception prevention ought to rely on upon a few elements. These incorporate your wellbeing, recurrence of sexual action, number of sexual accomplices and longing to have kids later on. Your social insurance supplier can help you select the best type of anti-conception medication for you.

Conception prevention strategies

Anti-conception medication (contraception) is any strategy, prescription, or gadget used to avert pregnancy. Ladies can browse a wide range of sorts of conception prevention. Some work superior to others at averting pregnancy. The sort of contraception you utilize relies on upon your wellbeing, your longing to have youngsters now or later on, and your need to counteract sexually transmitted diseases. Your specialist can help you choose which sort is best for you at this moment.

What is the best technique for anti-conception medication?

There is no “best” technique for conception prevention for each lady. The conception prevention strategy that is ideal for you and your accomplice relies on upon numerous things, and may change after some time.

Before picking an anti-conception medication strategy, converse with your specialist or attendant about:

  • Whether you need to get pregnant soon, in a couple of years, or never
  • How well every technique attempts to counteract pregnancy
  • Possible side effects
  • How frequently you have intercourse
  • The number of sex accomplices you have
  • Your general health
  • How agreeable you are with utilizing the strategy (For instance, would you be able to recall to take a pill consistently? Will you need to request that your accomplice put on a condom every time?)

Find out about types of conception prevention that you or your accomplice can use to forestall pregnancy.

Remember that even the best conception prevention techniques can come up short. In any case, your odds of getting pregnant are lower on the off chance that you utilize a more compelling strategy.

What are the distinctive types of anti-conception medication?

Ladies can browse a wide range of sorts of conception prevention strategies. These incorporate, all together of best to minimum viable at averting pregnancy:

  • Female and male cleansing (female tubal ligation or impediment, male vasectomy) — Birth control that anticipates pregnancy for whatever is left of your life through surgery or a restorative strategy.
  • Long-acting reversible contraceptives or “LARC” techniques (intrauterine gadgets, hormonal inserts) — Birth control your specialist embeds one time and you don’t need to recollect to utilize conception prevention consistently or month. LARCs keep going for 3 to 10 years, contingent upon the technique.
  • Short-acting hormonal strategies (pill, small scale pills, fix, shot, vaginal ring) — Birth control your specialist endorses that you recall to take each day or month. The shot obliges you to get a shot from your specialist at regular intervals.
  • Barrier techniques (condoms, stomachs, wipe, cervical top) — Birth control you utilize every time you engage in sexual relations.
  • Natural beat strategies — not utilizing a sort of conception prevention however rather keeping away from sex as well as utilizing contraception just on the days when you are most rich (destined to get pregnant). An ovulation home test unit or a fruitfulness screen can help you locate your most rich days.

Which types of contraception help avert sexually transmitted diseases (STIs)?

Just two sorts can shield you from STIs, including HIV: male condoms and female condoms.4

While condoms are the most ideal approach to counteract STIs in the event that you engage in sexual relations, they are not the best kind of conception prevention. On the off chance that you engage in sexual relations, the most ideal approach to forestall both STIs and pregnancy is to utilize what is called “double security.” Dual assurance implies you utilize a condom to counteract STIs every time you have intercourse, and in the meantime, you utilize a more powerful type of conception prevention, for example, an IUD, embed, or shot.

Are conception prevention pills safe?

Yes, hormonal conception prevention techniques, for example, the pill, are ok for generally ladies. Today’s anti-conception medication pills have bring down dosages of hormones than previously. This has brought down the danger of symptoms and genuine medical issues.

Today’s anti-conception medication pills can have medical advantages for a few ladies, for example, a lower danger of a few sorts of cancer.5Also, diverse brands and sorts of contraception pills (and different types of hormonal anti-conception medication) can build your hazard for some medical issues and reactions. Symptoms can incorporate weight pick up, migraines, sporadic dying, bosom delicacy, and state of mind changes.

Converse with your specialist about whether hormonal anti-conception medication is ideal for you.

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